Professional creators teaching K-12 students to create apps, video games, tech innovations & digital creative content through project based learning



Aligned to the Ontario Language and Coding expectations.

Taught live & virtually by industry professionals (App-developers, engineers, game-designers, entrepreneurs, youtubers, bloggers & podcasters).

Digital Skills Aligned to the Ontario Curriculum

Ontario Math Curriculum

The CreationCamp program covers all of the coding expectations in the Ontario curriculum K-12.

21st Century Skills 

Students will learn design thinking techniques, entrepreneurial frameworks, growth mindset and many more competencies as they build apps, games and digital content.

Ontario Language Curriculum

Students will learn the Reading, Writing, Oral Communication & Media Literacy strands as they create podcasts, blogs & Youtube videos.

Career Pathways

Students will learn from creators that work in various industries. Students will learn how Ontario curriculum expectations are used within these industries.

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The program aims to introduce students K-12, to engaging career pathways that utilize Coding & Language. Students will work with various creators from various industries on projects of topical interest.

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