Future Skills for Future Career Paths

The CreationCamp program gives students the opportunity to engage with sector partners that face real business problems that can be solved through coding and ICE. Students will develop the innovation, design and coding skills to build a prototype in an attempt to solve the sector partners business problem. Through this, students will develop coding and ICE knowledge that is specific to the sector they are interested in.

SHSM Program: SPEs & Certifications. 

Program overview: The CreationCamp program is 6 hours in length and can be delivered over multiple days. The program can be delivered to small cohorts of students in optimized time spaces to fit student and teachers schedules. The program is delivered 100% virtually through live sessions. Students can complete this program at home or at school. Students will be instructed by a group of engineers, entrepreneurs and designers. The students will work with these instructors to solve a real business problem of an external sector partner related to the specific SHSM industry. The sector partner will also virtually attend the sessions to explain the business problem and evaluate student prototypes.


Students will be provided; 

  1. Pre assessment

  2. Pre activities and resources

  3. Experience documentation

  4. Post self assessment

  5. CreationCamp Certification

Teachers will be provided;

  • Professional development for future connections and reflection

  • Intake sessions complete with fact sheets, planning templates and checklists

  • Pre, Post and in-activity assessments completed by students



Arts and Culture
Aviation and Aerospace
Food Processing
Health and Wellness
Horticulture and Landscaping
Hospitality and Tourism
Information and Communications Technology
Justice, Community Safety, and Emergency Services