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Teacher Career Transition Program

Are you a teacher looking for a new career in technology?

Make a successful career change through training, coaching, mentoring and career exploration!

We provide the necessary tools and resources to ensure success.

Remote Learning

With remote learning, students have the flexibility to access lessons, workshops and coaching anytime, anywhere.

Career Exploration

Discover which career may be right for you before committing to a training course.


Work directly with industry professionals.

Career workshops and networking sessions guide you to your new path.

Career Navigation

Our end-to-end program gets you where you need to go. We not only train you for your new career we help you find and secure your next job!

Through our program, teachers will gain access to resources such as live training courses and career workshops. You’ll also receive mentoring sessions, portfolio development support, resume and interview coaching, networking opportunities with tech companies, contract negotiation assistance, and much more.

Program Overview

Career Exploration and Training: 

Learn more about a variety of careers in the tech industry and choose the right path for you;

  • Engineering

  • UX Design

  • Project Management

  • Data Science

  • Digital Marketing

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Product Management

  • Education Specialist

  • Course Creation

  • Recruiting

  • Content Creation

  • and more!

Teacher Focused:

We aren't looking to train just anyone. We're looking to help you, the teacher, move forward on your career path toward a new focus. Our courses are aligned to your background and skills and are designed specifically to help teachers transition. 

Our fully remote sessions let you learn wherever you are and allow you to find times that fit within your busy schedules.

Our 9-month course includes 7 hours of weekly live workshops, lessons, and mentoring to keep you on track!


End-to-end Coaching

We're not just getting you started, we're taking you all the way to the finishing line.

Our courses include career workshops, mentoring sessions, portfolio and resume building, interview coaching, networking, and contract negotiation.

We don't just help you build the skills, but set you up for success in whatever career you choose.



Learning shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, we offer a variety of payment options so you can find a stress-free payment plan that works for you and focus on your learning.

  • Income Shared Agreement

    • Using our Income Shared Agreement, or ISA, you can pay less upfront, and only pay us back once you're making above $50,000 per year.
      We're invested in you getting a higher-paying career and ISA is one of the ways we can guarantee you that investment. We're proud to be using ISA to make education more accessible, and more focused on student success.

      • With our ISA you pay 12% of your income to CreationCamp after obtaining a job for 2 years.​

  • Upfront Payment

    • Using our upfront payment method you can get repeated payments off your mind and get right into learning. Our upfront payment option costs you less in the long run and allows you to breathe easy knowing that everything else is covered.

      • Pay $7,000 upfront.

  • Hybrid Payment

    • We also offer a hybrid payment system that lowers your upfront payment significantly while allowing you to pay the remainder in a shortened Income Shared Agreement.
      It's easy to get the best of both worlds, allowing you to stay flexible while finishing your payments faster.

      • Pay $3,500 and pay 12% of your income to CreationCamp after obtaining a job for 1 year.​

  • Biweekly Installments

    • Using our biweekly option allows you to pay at a fixed schedule, making things easy for you, while keeping your upfront investment low.
      Pay off your learning at a fixed biweekly rate so you know exactly what you owe and exactly how long payment will take.

      • Pay $400 bi-weekly for 9 months.​

  • Full Refund Guaranteed

    • If you don't find your new career paying at least $50,000 a year, up to 365 days after your last session with us, we guarantee you a full 110% refund. That's 10% more than the initial cost sent right back to you.
      We're that confident.

Program Overview
Getting Started

Our next cohort launches on January 30th, 2023, want to be part of it?

If you're ready to take the next step on your career path, follow the link on your right and find out how a change in career can make all the difference.

Senior Digital Programmer

Contact us to learn more about how you can move on from teaching

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