Virtual 9-12 Programs


The CreationCamp program teaches students all of the Ontario coding expectations relevant to the classroom grade level. The sessions are live & virtual. In the sessions, professional creators (App developers, engineers & game-developers) working in the software industry, will teach students how to code applications, computer games & prototypes of real world technological innovations.


The program aims to introduce students to various engaging career pathways that utilize coding in their day to day professions. The CreationCamp program's pedagogical approach is centered around project based learning, 21st century skills and global competencies. Students will learn design thinking frameworks, entrepreneurial mindset, growth mindset and many other skills. Students will be brought through the experiential learning framework to build out their very own computer games and applications. 

Learning Outcomes

Coding Expectations

Use correct terminology to describe programming concepts; (focus on object oriented programing)

Describe the types of data that computers can process and store (e.g., numbers, text)

Explain the difference between constants and variables used in programming

Determine the expressions and instructions to use in a programming statement, taking into account the order of operations (e.g., precedence of arithmetic operators, assignment operators, and relational operators)

Identify situations in which decision and looping structures are required;

Describe the function of Boolean operators, comparison operators, and arithmetic operators

Use variables, expressions, and assignment statements to store and manipulate numbers and text in a program

Write a program that includes a decision structure for two or more choices

Social Emotional Learning  - Apply, to the best of their ability, a variety of social-emotional learning skills to support their use of the mathematical processes and their learning in connection with the expectations in the other five strands of the mathematics curriculum.

21st Century Skills - An understanding of different career paths that use 21st century skills in their roles. A deeper understanding of how the Ontario  curriculum connects to real world experience

Global Competencies - Students will learn:

critical thinking and problem solving

innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship

learning to learn/self-awareness and self-direction



global citizenship and sustainability

Program Structure: 7 Sessions

Session 1 - Optional Professional Development

An optional 50 minute PD session with a CreationCamp instructor. In this PD session the CreationCamp instructor will teach the classroom teacher engaging methods to teach the Ontario coding expectations.

Sessions 2 to 7 - 6, 50 minute project based learning lessons for students led by various CreationCamp instructors.

Contact us to learn more and receive a detailed program overview.